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The JP Atlanta was created and built in the year 2016 by an amazing chef and entrepreneur. Ever since she was a kid, she always loved to try and cook for herself and her family. Baking was her forte when she grew older but then, she decided that it is also fun to learn other things and tricks for cooking so she also took formal cooking lessons. It was a fun thing to experience, according to the owner, to cook and bake and know that your family is there to support you all the way. Going to college, she pursued what she wanted and took courses that would help her reach her goals in life.

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When she graduated, it didn’t become easy to immediately put up a restaurant as she wanted. Instead, she lived for years working in different places like restaurants, hotels, and other places where she could use her skills and forte. However, as she worked, she also managed to plan out her future and that is creating her own restaurant. The owner of JP Atlanta managed to invest in her restaurant after such a long time. She was very careful and meticulous in the whole process of building the restaurant and that is the reason why the JP Atlanta was built with sophistication and almost to perfection.

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Up until now, the owner did not stop living her dream—cooking and serving for people. The JP Atlanta continued to expand and become bigger in other places making it possible for the owner to widen her dreams and goals in life as well. JP Atlanta was doing good up until now and it continues to serve more people with its fine dishes and meals that are offered for everyone. We will continue to serve more with the restaurant owner to bring you such an amazing experience when it comes to cuisines.