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Harry D.

This place, JP Atlanta, is so awesome. My friends and I celebrated my birthday here in the private room. We thought it wasn’t allowed to have a small celebration inside but it was and I was so happy to spend my birthday with these people. They served us amazing food that are of different cuisines so we were able to try different food as well. It was such a fun experience and it was great to just have a small dinner with these friends of mine on my birthday. I hope we could have a small gathering here again with my friends or with my family next time.

Mia S.

I really love different type of cuisines so I was thrilled when I heard about this place a few years ago. They serve different food from different places and I was so happy about it. I get to try those I missed in different countries and I get to try new food as well especially Asian cuisine! I hope you will continue serving distinct dishes and satisfy more cravings in the future as well as give people a new experience with your menu.

Baron F.

I was so devastated to only know about this place just a few weeks ago. It was such a great restaurant and they have an amazing bar! When I realized I didn’t know about this restaurant sooner, I was so regretful. I wish I could have visited this place more often in the past but I’m thankful that I get to try dining here now.

Tiffany W.

This place is good to visit especially when you are getting sick of homemade food. You must try different food from time to time and get to experience it in JP Atlanta. They bring amazing cuisines in this city and I was glad I knew about them ever since they opened here in Tampa.